Body massage with two relaxes

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Only for men. Body massage with one or two relaxes, where 1st of them is made by means of manual technics at the beginning of massage and 2nd of them is made as BODY MASSAGE, at the end of massage. Between these 2 relaxes the client will get complete classical massage of the whole body from eye brows to toe ends. Body massage is made with naked body of girl which is covered by oil to achieve a slide effect. NO SEX. 1.5 hours. Visiting hours: twenty-four-hours. Address: the cross between Zharokov and Karasai Batyr streets (old name of this street is: Vinogradov street). Almaty city. Bostandyk region. License: series №19007 of the Tax Policy RK. Price: beginning from 9 000 KZT, as prepayment only. Fluent English.

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Цена: 9 000 тенге
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Дата: Вторник, 23 Май 2017
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