Teaching course "Russian for foreigners"

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Our course is designed for the needs of foreign people who would like to speak Russian fluently and our methods combine intensive teaching with personal and communicative approach including speaking, grammar, reading, writing and listening skills.
Online Language Studio offers the programs:
General course
Conversational course
Business course
The course are taught using the Communicative Method in combination with Direct Method.
The Communicative Method views each aspect of language learning: grammar, converstaion, reading and writing and more socially-based skills such as summarizing, describing, narrating etc. - as a necessary support for the others. Students learn new vocabulary and grammar while enhancing their language communication skills in a discussion-based class.
The Direct Method, sometimes also called Natural Method, is a method that refrains from using the learners' native language and just uses the target language. The Direct Method operates on the idea that second language learning must be an imitation of first language learning, as this is the natural way humans learn any language - a child never relies on another language to learn its first language, and thus the mother tongue is not necessary to learn a foreign language.
Our goal is to make the process of learning foreign language FAST, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.

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